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documentary feature, ZDFinfo (German TV)

A 60 minute documentary about how North Korea manages to finance itself – despite UN sanctions. The regime does everything to make money: counterfeiting, arms smuggling, insurance fraud and human trafficking.

Producer: Tristan Chytroschek
Director: Sebastian Weis
Co-Directors: Lukas Augustin, Carl Gierstorfer
Research: Remco Breuker, Imke van Gardingen, Wonjung Bae, Ifang Bremer
Editing: Steffen Bartneck
Camera: Carl Gierstorfer, Juan Palacios, Sam-hyun Meng, Andre Grabinski, Marc Buehler
Music: Nils Kacirek, Milan Meyer-Kaya
Grading: André Froelian
Sound Mix: Artur Sommerfeld, Pablo de Falcon
Graphics: KIM&HIM
Commentary: Anja Welzel
Commissioning Editor: Imke Meier (ZDF)


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