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Staatsoper at #JailSessions


directed by: Lukas Augustin

idea und concept: Lisa Böttcher, Artur Grywatzik, Konstanze Löwe

conductor: Martin Wright

creative direction: Lukas Augustin, Lisa Böttcher, Artur Grywatzik, Konstanze Löwe, Matthias Schlesinger

a co-production by #JailSessions and Staatsoper Unter den Linden and Kunstanstalt Berlin

1st AD: Grace Phan-Nguyen

cinematography: Henk Otte, Alex Zehrer, Lukas Augustin, Aaron Schmidt

sound: Fabian Koppri

sound assistant: Til Farken

edit: Alex Zehrer Caolan Flood

color: Silas Baisch

associate producer: Simon Wörpel

music: “Va Pensiero” - Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi

featuring Berliner Staatsoper

harp: Alexandra Clemenz

flute: Simone Bodoky

singers: Apollo-Chor an der Staatsoper: Jacqueline Radke, Helmut Schmeitzner, Anne-Kathrin Schmidt, Hanna Schmidt, Hideko Shimizu, Helge Witt Jugendchor der Staatsoper: Richard Beyermann, Ada-Julie Goerne, Annika Hellwich, Anton Kurth, Joshua Makowski, Amina Rieke, Lina Schmidt, Lora Vangelova Staatsopernchor: Verena Allertz, Wolfgang Biebuyck, Michelle Cusson, Felipe Martin, Andreas Neher, Olivia Saragosa, Maximiliane Schünemann, Anna Woldt Assistenz Chöre Anne-Kathrin Schmidt

social media: Franziska Dittmann catering: Marleen Hamann

location: Kunstanstalt Berlin

Three choirs of Berlin's state opera "Staatsoper Unter den Linden" perform Giuseppe Verdi's prisoner's choir VA PENSIERO from the opera Nabuco inside an abandoned jail in Berlin.


#JailSessions is a project that started during the Covid19 lock-down when artists went into one of Berlin's empty prisons that was used by the Nazi and GDR regime and transform the place of isolation and torture into a place of freedom and creativity.


A special thank you to the collaborative teams whose creative talents, and shared love of music and art, made this project possible.


Behind the Scenes:

Staatsoper at #JailSessions

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